About US


Green Canopy Solutions was bred by 2 sets of Oklahoma-based families who strive to bring only the best clean medicine to the cannabis market. From day one, the store has been on a mission to expand our inventory to cater to niche subsects of the industry that may not be able to find their needs in other surrounding stores. We have staff meetings monthly with a different vendor or grower in each meeting to be able to expand our own knowledge and better educate our patients coming in to see us. 

Green Canopy Solutions is actually referred to as “Vertically Integrated”. Vertically integrated means, we grow and process our own product! Currently, we are finishing building our second 10,000 square foot grow facility called Top Shelf Growers. Our processor is called MMedLabz and serves the patients by processing the flower from Top Shelf Growers into dabs, RSO, Pre-Rolls, Medigars, and so much more! Lastly, but most certainly not least, there are 2 Green Canopy Solutions (Claremore, OK and Chelsea, OK) where we have built lasting relationships with the amazing customers, we see on a day-to-day basis.