New to cannabis?


Edibles – 

Never Tried Edibles? 

When it comes to edibles there are a few things to remember. The effects from the cannabis flower, to concentrated (hash/dabs/oil/cartridges) marijuana, and to edibles may vary. None of the ways to use cannabis are identical. 

When it comes to starting out, remember to start low and slow! Meaning, we recommend starting at a dose of 5-10mg for beginners. It also helps to “level out” the psychoactive (high) effects if you use gummies/edibles with some CBD in them as well. At our shop we carry 1:1 (cbd:thc), 2:1 (CBD/THC), and many more varieties! 

Remember that with edibles the effects last much longer than smoking or vaporizing your cannabis. The effects can last anywhere from 4-6 hours and are great for something long-lasting and more discreet! Below is a helpful chart to see where you should start. We always say you can always eat more but you can't take it back... We recommend waiting approximately 2 hours before taking any more. The time it takes to affect people is different for everyone.  

New to cannabis? We are here to help!

Cartridges –

Never Tried Cartridges?

THC Cartridges can definitely be daunting, especially with all the news about them harming your lungs. However, rest assured in knowing in the state of Oklahoma all cartridges and products MUST be tested. The scare was from a “liquefier” called “Vitamin E Acetate” which could harm the lungs. This is not used anywhere in Oklahoma and all of the cartridges tested in a dispensary are 100% safe to consume. 

Having that out of the way. The best way to begin using cartridges is to first, start by buying a “vape battery”. These come in “stick” form and “box” form depending on your preference. Then, once you have a battery picked out, you can choose which cartridge best suits your needs. Certain cartridges will have “cannabis-derived terpenes” to have a “Strain specific” product, and some cartridges will be made with “fruit-derived terpenes” to enhance the flavor, while not being strain specific. 

Cartridges typically do not give you a long lasting medication, but they are great on the go or in a quick pinch and deliver a great punch! The other great perk to using cartridges is their concealability and lack of smell, so take them anywhere without fear of judgment or nosy neighbors.

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